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This no junk food / junk drinks thing has reduced my diet to five tastes. Salty, bitter, hot, tangy and tasteless. I’d thought my sugar craving would be spread out through the day, like a dull throb from a wound. Instead, I get these short bursts of  intense craving for them. While watching other people eat sweets / drink sodas does trigger it off, there are also random cravings like when I’m doing something and I suddenly just feel like having something sweet right now. Bizarre, really, considering I am not starving myself or anything.

On a positive note, feeling lighter and better already. And a couple of my friends are leaving no stones unturned by ordering larger than usual quantities of these and vividly describing the “pleasure” they get when they eat even though I’m right in front of them. True friends.

The no sex no fap rule is holding up pretty well though. As of now, no major torment. Gods of horniness, bring it on.


Need to start keeping track of wasted time from tomorrow as well. Too much was wasted today. 

That said and done, it has been much smoother sailing these five days than I had imagined. Maybe the initial push hasn’t completely lost momentum yet.

Upped the workout. There is a sense of purpose and clear headedness  that comes from working out that I’ve missed for a long long time. Prolly need to switch the workouts to morning instead of late evening, so that I can carry forward that sense of purpose throughout the day. Body shape changing, for the better.

Really need to focus on real things now. 

Good job.




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